First Day and Ready to do this all day ....

Live forum:


30-03-2007 14:34:45

Hey evero0ne this is my first day here and i am ready to help you and help myself but im not quite sure where and how to do this so if you coupld please HELP me....


30-03-2007 14:43:32

hey, ASK questions D and read the rules. pm me if you need more help wink


30-03-2007 15:01:33

PLEASE don't restrict questions and answers to PM. If you do, then the knowledge won't be out in public for everyone to see. The more information that is shared publicly, the more people can read.


30-03-2007 15:02:50

After you've read all the stickies including the big red box at the top, all of the action is in the trading forum. Feel free to pm me with questions and/or help. I'd have a few good sites and will help you through a trade as well (as will most everybody here.)