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30-03-2007 05:26:29

i'm kinda new to this does anyone think they could help me out with trades?
give me some guidelines etc....


30-03-2007 05:31:20

First suggestion is - Read, Read, Read. Read the Rules & Guidelines (click the big red box), Read the Trade Module Tutorial, Read the Help posts back several pages.

Then, start slowly. Do 2-3 trades with a well established trader that will explain everything and be with you every step of the way. I'd say someone with a TR of at least 50 or 75. (I am willing to help you if you want - PM me)

That should help to answer many of your questions, but feel free to keep asking any time you don't understand something. Those of us who have been here a while would rather answer 100 questions than work with people who think they know it all and don't.

It is best to post your questions in this thread, so that others can read the questions and answers. I am also available by PM if you need help.

Happy Trading !!


sandra habina

30-03-2007 05:36:42

I would be glad to help answer any questions. You will probably find the answers in the Rules and Guidelines. There is alot of information, so it is good to read everything several times. Good Luck to you.

Big War Bird

30-03-2007 05:40:16

Ditto to what the above people have said, though there is one trader with a TR of 37 that would be an excellent first trading patner.


30-03-2007 05:44:40

i agree with everyone above me and if you have any other questions you may ask me i will be willing to help you have fun trading.


30-03-2007 06:15:37


there ya go )