how do you trade?

Live forum:


28-03-2007 17:01:05

Hello, how do you trade if you can email referral links? what are the steps for a trade. Thank you


28-03-2007 19:15:03

Did you read any of the FAQs, rules, or trade guidelines yet?

sandra habina

28-03-2007 19:48:40

Trades are set up thru the trading module. Not thru emails. And we communicate thru the PM button. Read the rules and the newbie island post. That will help you.

Read the rules again.


29-03-2007 04:20:19

Please use the Help forum for asking/answering questions, not PMs. I appreciate your willingness to help, Sandra, but if he posts it in the forum and you answer, it is a searchable post, and knowledge that other people down the line can benefit from.