setting up a trade - referral lnk

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28-03-2007 02:55:35

I am a newbie and wish to set up a trade. I don't know the process, like setting up the referral link, etc. Can someone help me? Thanks - Richard


28-03-2007 05:05:43

You need someone to trade with (PM me if interested). If you have negotiated with someone and are ready to set up a trade, you go to the user's profile and click "Initiate a trade" then enter the details into the box that pops up (if no box pops up, lower your security settings). Then they will need to go into the Trade Module and click "Confirm".


sandra habina

28-03-2007 06:42:58

Trades are set up through two traders. Once details are agreed upon, then usually the trader with the higher TR initiates the trade through the trade module. It carries the information and Link needed to complete the trade.

Check throught the Newbie Island thread. It will help you with some questions.


28-03-2007 23:36:44

Find someone with a high number of trades and ask them for help. SOme of them have responded to your thread already. They get help you through the process and get you started.