I don't want to be a newbie anymore!

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27-03-2007 19:01:12

How do I get rid of my newbie title?


27-03-2007 19:07:14

Post more, but not crap.


27-03-2007 19:49:15

How does that work, so many a day or so many in total?


27-03-2007 19:55:43

total. 50 to get rid of the noob...then at 100, 250, 500...i think


27-03-2007 19:58:19

[quotebad8a14ed7="condra"]total. 50 to get rid of the noob...then at 100, 250, 500...i think[/quotebad8a14ed7]
no 100, 200, 500, 1000


27-03-2007 20:54:49

WOW! I thought it had to do with TR. I'm gonna post the Declaration of Independence one word at a time starting right now.


27-03-2007 20:55:33



28-03-2007 04:49:47

Must be relevant posts, not space fillers or you will be temp-banned.

At 50 posts you change to User
At 100 posts you change to Regular
At 200 posts you change to Freepay Fanboy
At 500 posts you change to Addict

and so on.

Posts in the Trading Post don't count.

Feel free to give +Karma if you think this was helpful.


28-03-2007 08:11:04

[quote3ee8e45dc5="stueybaby17"][quote3ee8e45dc5="condra"]total. 50 to get rid of the noob...then at 100, 250, 500...i think[/quote3ee8e45dc5]
no 100, 200, 500, 1000[/quote3ee8e45dc5]

Sorry Stueybaby17, but Condra is right...once you hit 50 posts you become a user. Unless the rules changed this week... lol

Not a good idea to post just for the heck of it. If you don't have anything on topic and constructive to input, then don't do it. I've noticed a lot of traders just putting in BS so they can advertise their sites (fishing).

Hope I helped,

Margot 8)


28-03-2007 10:22:47

Post more, [b4b076ebe10]not crap[/b4b076ebe10]


28-03-2007 15:31:57

That's good info on the posts/title changing, but where do the "custom" titles come into play (i've heard of them, but don't know what they are or how you get them)


28-03-2007 15:59:57

click on titles at top right of forum, cost a $5 donation to fipg


28-03-2007 18:37:09

That is interesting to know.