Orders on offer sites

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26-03-2007 22:02:50

Once I have completed offers for someone on a site, I now can seek referrals for that site for myself and make money. If I choose a $200 paypal on a site and get all of the referrals, can I do that site again, or do I have to move on to a new site?


26-03-2007 22:41:44

Some sites allow you to get multiple prizes, but most only allow one. It should say in the TOS of the site whether or not they allow you to recieve multiple gifts. Hope this helps! )

sandra habina

27-03-2007 05:48:21

Someone else asked a question like this before and you can find the sites that allow you to do the site more than once. I know that Hot.gifts4you allows you to do the site more than once. Check out the previous posts on this forum. Good luck to you.


27-03-2007 09:10:05

I know ordergiftsfree also lets you do this -

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