At Home Rewards, Passport to Fun, etc.

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26-03-2007 09:49:30

I noticed that both At Home Rewards and Passport to Fun automatically sign you up for Saving Smart. So if you complete both offers, technically you would be signing up for Saving Smart twice, and as far as I know, there's no way to opt out of the Saving Smart program. Anyone ever signed up for both...if so, what happened?


26-03-2007 10:48:13

I did both with no problem.



26-03-2007 11:37:27

There is the little box at the end that you have to uncheck. Thats where they get you. Make sure that you read everything. Otherwiese, they gave me no problems.


26-03-2007 13:23:00

me to had no problems signing up with both


27-03-2007 01:27:47

When I canceled one of those (yes I know, you can't discuss how to cancel) I think savings smart canceled as well. But don't take my word for it.


27-03-2007 19:17:10

I found these offers to be some of the easiest to sign up for and cancel!


27-03-2007 19:18:14

Wow. Lets talk about frauding some more....