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26-03-2007 09:16:08

Hi all,
In the trade module, can either the receiver or requester see the other's notes?


26-03-2007 09:20:18

After TR is credited you can view the feedback given. Click on the name to view the profile (or search users) and at the bottom of the page you can view it.


26-03-2007 10:52:52

Thanks for your quick answer, but I'm referring to the requester notes/ receiver notes columns in the trading module itself


26-03-2007 10:54:52

That is a place for contact information. Both you and the other person can see it.


26-03-2007 12:58:22

Thanks a lot!!


26-03-2007 12:59:40

limoved to help ;)

sandra habina

27-03-2007 05:51:35

That space is for your paypal information and email information. I believe. And yes both traders can see it.