help with account on "hold"

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25-03-2007 15:52:26

My account is on hold at zeropricetags because they say there are 3 accounts with same I.P. I promise I only have one! I signed up under theysayjump and that's it. I've sent them a support ticket letting them know that I only have one account. I'm honest and wouldn't try to fraud anyone! Is there anything else I should do?


25-03-2007 16:02:49

Did you use AOL or a public computer to do it?


25-03-2007 16:12:14

No. I used my laptop at home.

sandra habina

27-03-2007 05:02:23

Maybe you could contact a moderator for some help. Good luck to you. I hope you get things straightened out.


27-03-2007 07:50:11

Damn bro that suks, i stayed away from that site since when i completed i was having some issues with them but ended up getting paid just didn't feel like putting up with it again, hope everything works out for you man your a very legit guy.


27-03-2007 08:06:41

If you don't use aol or a public place...and your ip matches 2/3 other users...then someone else at house signed up for the site..What internet provider do you have?


28-03-2007 21:48:36

Are you dial up or broadband. Dial up usually recycles a limited number of IP addresses. A new IP each time you dial up.