on green as apposed to on approval

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25-03-2007 08:49:23

i want to post to get some references for some sites i just greened on and i want to know if it is wrong to say on approval for my posts...i know i dont have any TR yet ...still waiting on 3 trades , i have to wait for approval on those so i dont have a lot to invest to get referals until i can complete the site and get paid.


25-03-2007 09:00:01

why don,t you trade some more before? i mean going green for ppl? i am not sure if you'll get ppl since you have 0 tr


25-03-2007 12:02:00

There are probably not a lot of people who will green on approval for you with a TR of 0, or even of 3. The guidelines state that whoever has the lower TR is suppose to go first, and also that two people with a TR of less than 4 should not trade with each other.

I would recommend finding some people to trade green for green with you, which will give you the greens that you need, and the TR also.


sandra habina

26-03-2007 03:25:06

Yes, you need to trade a few more times with established traders and build up your own TR status. That way you will get more offers to trade green on green. Good luck dear. I hope I can help.