Anyone do the GameFly offer lately?

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24-03-2007 18:08:03

Hey, I did GameFly about a year ago, back then you got charge a $21.50 authorization fee(that was the monthly fee back then) or whatever it is to check that you indeed had the money to pay for a month. However, back then the offer was for a free trial of GameFly. I just noticed on Trainn's GameFly is now a level A offer, and its for $10 for a trial month instead of a free month. Just wondering if anyone has done the offer recently and knows if they still charge the authorization fee at all?


24-03-2007 18:18:19

I did it at the end of December and everything was good. Just the $10 was all that I got chargerd. I didnt use the service as much as I thought I would though, just didnt have enough time to play games.

But yeah I didnt have any problems with them.


24-03-2007 20:30:15

I did it to in feb. had to keep it my daughter would be lost without it and yeah $10.00 bucks


24-03-2007 21:30:50

Don't do an offer you have done previously, no matter how long ago...this can and will cause a red for u and the person who referred you! Not to mention it will disable you from completing the site that the referee sent you too.



24-03-2007 21:46:02

Yup, I know that and don't intend on doing it again. I have a friend who was looking to sign up at GameFly, so I thought I might as well see if I could get him to do it through Trainn(since its a full credit offer there).