On Approval?

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24-03-2007 13:12:47

What exactly does that mean, does that mean that you don't get paid until the person receives there prize or gets all the referrals they need?


24-03-2007 13:35:27



24-03-2007 13:55:21

Try waiting more than 13 minutes between posting, and getting impatient that nobody has answered. Not everyone is constantly on FIPG, waiting to answer questions.

It means they will pay when their account is approved.

Also, while you are waiting for answers, you might want to re-read the rules that you agreed to when you signed up. NO POSTING OF REFERRAL LINKS. Remove your referral link now.


24-03-2007 14:00:24

You're aware that you can see how many people have viewed a post right?

15 people viewed it before i posted the second time, odds are at least one person knew the answer and didn't feel like posting it

please don't post in one of my threads again


24-03-2007 14:02:52

And you're aware that I'm a moderator, right? If I see you breaking TWO RULES in a single post, within a day of joining, I'm going to post in that thread.

1) No referral links at all. This means any type of referral link for any site, posted anywhere, INCLUDING YOR SIGNATURE, or sent via email or PM. This is a zero-tolerance policy--you WILL be banned. Spam your link elsewhere.

5) Do not bump topics under any circumstances. This may or may not result in any of the following warning, editing, deletion, topic closing, and/or banning at the moderator's/administrator's discretion. Exception once per 24 hours in The Trading Post


24-03-2007 14:07:04

Well you might want to start checking peoples pms because i've received several referal links through that already, which as you say is againest the rules

So what do you really suggest the point to this site is

And yes, i did realize you are a moderator, you think i'd care more then i do though, but i just don't, moderators aren't supposed to be jackasses, a polite comment to a newbie would be a lot more helpful then the way you decided to do it


24-03-2007 14:08:20

Thanks for the tip.


24-03-2007 15:03:22

Yeah do it CG!!!