Affilate question

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24-03-2007 06:29:27

If i wanted to make a site where would i go to apply for affilates?


24-03-2007 06:34:56

I was thinking the same question, i found a previous forum thread explaining free sites back the front, if anyone knows where that thread is or finds any info post it in here !!


24-03-2007 08:29:57

I don't know where that thread is, but have you tried a search, located at the to right? It may pull up what you're looking for, with a little effort and refining.

Hope I helped a little!

Margot wink


24-03-2007 11:21:04

i once found a whole list of them...

google is the best lol just for the info of course


24-03-2007 14:32:35

Well do you know if they are good at crediting and such and have good support?