Question about an offer.

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23-03-2007 23:16:52

Okay, I did this offer thing that took me where it usually does. It says it's risk-free. I'm WAY new to this stuff and the fine print says this

[bb5a439c042]Special New Customer Offer - Here's what you get

NO-RISK Trial (4 Weeks)
FREE Postage Offer ($5 Value)
Toll-Free Customer Support
$15.99 Monthly Service Fee

Once your NO-RISK trial has ended, your service will automatically continue without interruption. If you cancel during your trial period, you will not be charged for any service fees.[/bb5a439c042]

Now, does this mean that nothing's going to charge anything to my CC for 4 weeks, or that it's gonna charge me $15.99 right up front? I haven't seen one that says that before and it didn't say anything about shipping and handling like the others did so I don't know if it's going to charge me something or not.

I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me what's going on.


24-03-2007 10:14:42

NO-RISK Trial (4 Weeks) I belive this means they charge your cc up frount. The no risk would mean they will refund if you decide not to keep the service. Just to be sure you can always call that free 800 # and ask.


24-03-2007 11:43:32

I believe I know which offer you are referring to, and no, they do not charge your card till after the 30 day trial (unless there is S/H charge). If you are not satified with the product, and don't want to be charged, you must cancel during the trial period. I completed this offer, and am very happy with the service.

It states "once your trial membership ends," which means after the trial period. Risk free does not nec mean "money back" guarantee.

If in doubt, I always call the 800# as the trader above suggested, to make sure they explain the terms clearly, and also it's very important that you let the representative know that the offer you are referring to is over the internet. Since companies advertise in various places, they usually have different TOS for each ad tv, newspaper etc...

(Mods...I know we are not suposed to talk about canceling, but I was simply explaining TOS, not encouraging or please don't beat me over the head cry )

Hope I helped D