submitting a TR++

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23-03-2007 21:32:17


I'm new to this site and am wondering how I can go about giving someone a positive TR??! He just went green for me and it says I'm not authorized to give a TR.

Is there anyway around that because he deserves a TR. On the flip side, he only has +2 he not going to be able to give me a +TR?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


24-03-2007 03:59:52

Check out the trading tutorial



24-03-2007 08:39:46

It's my understanding that 2 traders with tr under 4 don't get tr credit. You could put the positives about the trade in your "about me area." and vice versa. That way you could both let people see that a successful and good trade occurred between you both.

Just a thought!

Hope I helped!!