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23-03-2007 19:31:49

For the offers on these sites that require payment, do the majority of them accept paypal or will i have to use my credit card?


23-03-2007 19:37:41

cc mostly, i have seen no paypal ones


23-03-2007 20:17:12

of course not... that would just be way too convienent wouldn't it?


23-03-2007 20:25:50

I don't know why they wouldn't take a paypal CC...... correct me if I'm wrong but that shouldnt be problem


24-03-2007 09:36:40

I do all of my offers with my PayPal debit card, and I have not had a problem with it (well, except for one site that wouldn't take it, since it was debit.....)



24-03-2007 13:36:10

I have never seen a offer that accepts your paypal account info as payment. But yes, a paypal debit or credit card works just like any other.

Margot wink


24-03-2007 13:37:48

Alright, thanks guys, i don't have the paypal debit card yet is my problem, for some reason it didn't accept my bank info conformation thing so i'm waiting on the deposits into my bank account (