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sandra habina

22-03-2007 12:51:54

How do I get credit for a referral who has her confirmation email from Trainn.?

She is not showing up on my ref. account page?

Whom do I contact please?

Any information is greatly appreciated.


22-03-2007 12:53:05

if she didn't do yet an offer, she can re-sign up under you as long as she lets trainn know

I think li

sandra habina

22-03-2007 12:54:34

No she has already gone green. But she is not on my ref page.


22-03-2007 12:57:04

It sucks..you can still ask through a support ticket, but it would be a no probably..



22-03-2007 13:03:10

I had the same problem a week or so ago.

The answer is
If she has not gone green persued the first account, she can create a new account under your name to persue.

If she has already persued the account she cannot create a new account and cannot be moved under you.


22-03-2007 13:04:45

I had a referral sign up for yournintendowii4free under me. She signed up in the right place and it said that she was being referred by email==sjsienki@ptd.netsjsienki@ptd.net=sjsienki@ptd.netsjsienki@ptd.net/email but I did not recieve credit for her anywhere on my referral list. She even completed an offer. Why isn't she on my list of referrals? Can you fix this for me so I can get credit for her?

She used email==XXXXXX@aol.comXXXXXX@aol.com=XXXXXX@aol.comXXXXXX@aol.com/email to sign up for the account.

Please help me out here!

Submitted at 055701 on 2007-03-16

There is not a referrer listed on their account.

In order to register as a referral, an individual must follow a referrers unique link and register for our site during the same visit and may not navigate away from the page before doing so. As soon as they do register, they are instantly listed as a referral on the account.

Unfortunately, once an account has been created and the account pursued, we are unable to modify or transfer an account referrer.

edit here is more info

[quotecaf0f30055="Trainn-Alan"][quotecaf0f30055="doylnea"]Is this still the case? I had a referral sign up tonight (who doesn't show up on my referral list), who hasn't completed an offer yet. Can her signup be moved to my account?[/quotecaf0f30055]

They can't be moved, but as long as they have not actively pursued (completed offers/obtained referrals on) the account, they may re-register, this time using your link, without issue.



22-03-2007 16:49:53

I had the same problem at toys4free. My ref used my link to sign up, but I'm not seeing her. I sent in a support ticket. I was told that they are working on it.