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22-03-2007 05:58:22

Is it true that you can only use 1 credit card per site to complete offers?


22-03-2007 08:18:35

Do you mean 1 credit card for doing an offer for 3604free, and then a different credit card for 2dollardeal?

You can use the same credit card for everything, and you should. You just can't do an offer more than once, period, different credit card or not. You'll go red.


22-03-2007 08:44:03

oh yeah...i get that. I already know about not doing offers twice. I had just read another thread about a user going red b/c of using 2 different credit cards on 1 site for 2 dif offers. I don't THINK I've done 2 cc's on 1 site, but then again, I know I've used 2 of my credit cards on the offers I've done in the past...and there are so many sites that require multiple offers to green. I'm just hoping that wasn't some loophole disqualifier.


22-03-2007 09:14:30

You don't have to use just one CC. And you shouldn't be put on hold for using more than one CC because sites don't have access to your CC information. The problem falls here though.

You complete with CC#1
then you complete again with CC#2

This will get you put on hold , but you can do the following

complete with CC#1
then complete blockbuster with CC#2


22-03-2007 11:39:48

I've used more than 1 credit card on the same site. Approved and shipped with no problem.

Manofice is correct. The freebie site can't even tell what card you used. They dont' have the information.


22-03-2007 12:46:57

thank you...that's a relief to hear...+karma all around D