Question about the "landing page"

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22-03-2007 00:43:17

I've been a little confused on a couple offers I've done. I always clear cookies and don't navigate away from the offer site, and then on the landing page I keep it open for 5-10 minutes before clearing my cookies and doing another offer. But my question is when you're doing an offer and you complete the sign up and the landing page is another offer where at the bottom it says "No Thanks, just take me to receipt", is THAT the landing page or is it the one after clicking "No Thanks"? Thanks in advance )

sandra habina

22-03-2007 01:54:16

Good question. I am curious also.


22-03-2007 05:18:00

It is the page with the receipt, so click "no thanks" if you aren't interested in the second offer, and wait for the receipt page to load fully.



22-03-2007 05:18:22

I've always clicked the "no thanks" button if it says "take me to receipt", but I wait on each page that pops up until the windows flag stops waving, just in case. I've had automatic credit at times, but then again I've had major creditting issues too, so ?