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21-03-2007 20:56:17


I am a newb to the whole freebie world and also am a cash-strapped college student. My girlfriend, also in the same boat money-wise, owns a piece of crap dell laptop that is out of warranty, constantly crashing and basically isn't worth the plastic it is made out of. I want to surprise her and get her a new laptop, preferably an apple but it doesnt really matter, but since I don't have a lot of moola I thought going the freebie route might work. What are some good sites to pursue getting a laptop from, and how much can i expect to spend on only doing offers from these sites? And with trading referrals, how much would that cost me? Which of the two would be the easiest in the long run, offers or referrals? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Big War Bird

21-03-2007 21:11:27

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sandra habina

22-03-2007 01:56:55

Start doing offers and getting paid. Build up your TR and then you can trade for trade and get the prize.


22-03-2007 02:09:51

Trade with known traders to avoid any problems wink


22-03-2007 05:21:50

There are several good laptop sites, and many other sites will allow you to custom order, so it should not be too hard to find a site.

What I'd recommend in your situation (after you read all the rules & guidelines and stuff), is to find an established trader (I am willing, but you can pick whoever you want), sign up for a laptop site, then offer to trade site for site for the rest of your referrals. That way, your offers should cost you less than $10, and trading referrals will only cost you whatever the subsequent offers cost (since you're new, likely less than $10 per site, maybe alot less).

Feel free to PM me if you have other questions.



22-03-2007 17:04:33

thanks for the help people! I'll get up with some of you soon, but thanks to all for the tips!


22-03-2007 17:13:59

[quote7c21e39d3a="strobelight"]thanks for the help people! I'll get up with some of you soon, but thanks to all for the tips![/quote7c21e39d3a]

I would do a couple 123Stuff4Free and OrderGiftsFree sites for the max paypal a piece at the same time. Something with a custom order, this way you can make profit off your refs regardless. It all adds up =)


22-03-2007 20:18:48

Yes, do a offer first on a laptop site, then start getting referrals for that particular site by trading with the person to do the site for you. At the same time you could still do other offers on other sites for someone and get paid. That way you would be building your trade record up. I have a site I need referrals for. It is called I'm paying $20. Pm me and let me know.