How to get TR when I can't go green

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21-03-2007 20:46:38

I came from another forum and would like to trade on this forum. I need referrals and will pay, but I can't do trade for trade because I've done too many offers already and I'm having trouble finding sites that have offers I haven't already done.

Any suggestions for me? I am an honest trader and would love to find some people who are willing to work with me and help me finish my sites. The problem seems to be TR for me.



21-03-2007 20:56:11

well sometimes there are traders who have friends that are doing trainn sites and so for cash...
so you might wanna check that. you will have to pay them upfront thou...

Big War Bird

21-03-2007 21:23:14

I was in the same boat you were in. I had done a lot off offers through InboxDollars so when I came here there were not many offers that could be done profitably. Since you seems to understand the economics of this you could just grin and bear it and not make much being a green for others, or you can offer up some really high paying offers to attrach sellers. I did both to get me started.


22-03-2007 04:06:12

I've seen several traders new here that have been active with other sites, and are trying to do the same thing...find these people in the trading section, or post to it stating your situation (if you haven't done so already). I'm sure many of them would be willing to work a deal to help build both your trade records here.

Hope I helped a little! Good Luck!