SCAMMER! Can I file a complaint with paypal? and get my $$$

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21-03-2007 18:38:33

I have one referal who completed three trainn sites for me and it seemed valid. However, thier account was locked when I was going through approval for Consequently, on my other two sites the same person's account was locked. Is there any way my referal can correct this problem when it is "locked" or does locked mean it is very clear they were trying to fraud the system and in NO way can be unlocked?

I am wondering if I should stop waiting for this person to respond to me and just get a new referal so I can finnaly have money again.[/sizef533fb37f9]

[bf533fb37f9]According to Trainn this person, ellenleone26, is a Major scammer and has done this on multiple sites!!!![/bf533fb37f9][/sizef533fb37f9]

Does anybody know if there is any way I may file a complaint with paypal to try and get my money back (about $100)? I put in the subject what site it was for and that it was a service. Also with the help of Trainn and FiPG I can get more proof.

Any ideas?


21-03-2007 19:04:53

the font is way too small
open a paypal dispute against the person and pray


21-03-2007 19:32:17

post in the scammer section and pm a mod about the situation.

sandra habina

30-03-2007 10:50:33

Yes paypal has a resolution center and you file a request. There are 6 steps. She has 20 days to correct it and then paypal may file a claim against her.