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21-03-2007 11:55:22

Ok, so I have filled out a few offers, got a few greens but I'm a bit worried. I recently moved out and live in an apartment, I have large packages shipped to my parents house, but small ones shipped to my apartment (fits in the mailbox). I have filled out all of the free sites with my parents address, that is where I want the product shipped to. Some of the offers however, use my apartment.

The reason I'm worried is because I don't want to go red on someone else. Is this a possible reason for me going red, the two addresses not matching. What sort of checks are done during the approval process? Again, I just dont want to screw this up for someone else so I need to understand how things are verified.

Also, if someone is approved, is there the possibility when I go to place an order later that I won't be approved or does an approval for one mean that I have already been reviewed?

Also, I am using a Visa gift card and used my screen name for the cardholder name rather than my real name (probably not a good idea looking back). Is this something else they may check?? Thanks for all your help, I know I have asked a lot of questions and people are probably getting sick of seeing my name, but I hope to get things right and try and help others later. Thanks.

Big War Bird

21-03-2007 12:00:24

Always use 100% accurate information. Don't even try to think you can get away with anything. Be honest at all times.


21-03-2007 12:03:00

In which case. The addresses are acurate and I will see if the name on the debt card can be changed (i think it can). Again, this was a mistake but I was skeptical about giving my real name for anything. I'm new and still dont' trust this system completely but if it works for others, I don't want to screw them either.


21-03-2007 12:09:31

A lot of them say billing address and shipping address. I think you'd be okay on those... But they verify billing address with CC and names... A lot of sites are going away from letting prepaids be used, because it can promote fraud, no address to check and just like you, whatever name you want to use if any.....


21-03-2007 14:05:13

So can anyone else tell me about the approval process. Like I said, I just hope i don't go red on someone now because I was skeptical of this whole thing.