Out of contact

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21-03-2007 08:45:32

I have a few traders that are out of contact - I I just need their paypal e-mail to pay him and he has not even opened my pm's and 2 others have signed on my site but nothing further and not opened my pm's. Is there a way to see if they have been in the forum and just not answering me or I thought I read somewhere that after 14 days you could just ask for a trade deletion. If that is the case I cannot find that stated anywhere again. If I choose to delete the trade how will that affect my site - can I just get someone else to fill in that spot, or do I need to ask support to get them off as a referral?


21-03-2007 09:01:51

haha...they ran at the time of pay? lol

well you can put out of contact if it has been over 14 days, each 7 days a contact attempt )

and IF they come back...you will pay them..