What if....

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21-03-2007 08:41:02

What if there isn't any money on the gift debit card when they try to run it after the trial period. The reason that I ask this is because I signed up for one offer, didn't get a confirmation email, but did get the confirmation page. I wanted to cancel the offer but don't have the info to cancel. So, what if they try to charge me after the monthly and there isn't anything on the card. My real name isn't assosiated to the card so I'm just wondering if anyone else has done this before.

Again, this was not intentional it was a mistake, I am not trying to cheat the system. Thanks.


21-03-2007 08:58:01

well they won't have where to charge you from lol. if its a prepaid...


21-03-2007 09:21:34

It depends on the debit card company. I don't have much experience with pre-paid cards, but some will allow you to go into the red (negative), while others will reject the charge. However, even though a charge is rejected, some offer companies will still send you a collection notice indicating how much you owe (AOL, Gevalia, etc.)