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sandra habina

21-03-2007 05:06:34

I have a question about your post number. Does it increase everytime you reply on someone's post. Or only if you post a new topic?
I see some people with hundreds of posts and I am wondering how they have got that many in such a short time. I post on many other peoples' post but my number does not increase. Thankyou

Also how many posts do you need to become a regular?

Have a great day. D


21-03-2007 05:52:39

To the best of my knowledge, you get a post number for replying to posts, but not starting a new topic.

At 50 posts, you become a "user", at 100 you become a "regular". at 200 you become a "freepay fanboy", then at 500 you become an "addict". Don't know where it goes from there.



21-03-2007 06:29:52

I believe it goes up to "wannabe moderator."

You know what Sandra? It's very funny you asked this question! I was wondering the other day why it still shows you as a newbie considering all the posts you've done, but now I know! 11 more to go girl, and I know you can do it dance

Good morning again Angel D



21-03-2007 07:05:45

posts i[bce9e900b56]n[/bce9e900b56] trading post dont count


21-03-2007 07:16:05

[quote9f8b082eba="jy3"]posts i trading post dont count[/quote9f8b082eba]
What he said. If you post primarily in the Trading Post then you won't have much of a postcount, as they aren't counted in there.


22-03-2007 03:42:25

Congrates Sadra!!! You did it!! I had complete faith. toast

Cheers Angel!!


22-03-2007 04:10:16

lol, Sandra your posts will boost in time, your an awesome person who likes to chat heaps so i guarantee over the next few weeks it'll probably rise.


22-03-2007 05:05:25

great question, sandra...was wondering that myself

that's funny...2 questions answered by you in 1 day D