Trade with chrome89k

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20-03-2007 17:39:06

Did my first trade today with chrome89k. I must be twice his age, but he helped my all the way through the process, even as I kept screwing things up. We finally finished the trade and he paid me immediately! Great kid! Thanks chrome!


21-06-2007 09:16:02

Hi everyone,

chrome89k has given this newbie a wealth of valuable advice...just because...before we even did our trade. He walked me all the way through the problems. Great trader...he is definitely newbie friendly!

Thank you chrome89k! D



21-06-2007 12:47:25

awwwwwww Im glad that he helped you guys! WELCOME TO THE FREEBIE!


21-06-2007 13:06:21

Chrome is such a n00b. He walked you through lol Bad chrome.