What gives????

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20-03-2007 17:20:40

Looking for some guidance as to how long should you wait for someone to fulfill a trade? or even sign up? If they say they will do it, what is customary(or the rule) for how long to wait to fill that slot with someone else?


20-03-2007 17:27:46

All upon your agreement with them. If they sign up, you must wait 14 days of no communication to end the trade.


20-03-2007 17:37:24

But you must also PM or email them, making some sort of contact (or trying) once in the first 7 days and once in the next 7 days.
At least.


20-03-2007 17:40:30

unless they fail to confirm the trade AND sign up. if they go yellow but do not confirm, u have to wait.
if they are going first and they fail to do anything and u are unsure u want to wait, contact them and if u dont want to wait u could always remove ur link from the module...