Do people do green for green trades

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20-03-2007 10:00:45

I posted in the trade forum about a green for green. I know I'm new, and that may be the problem, but every person responded with their cash offers. Is this the only way that I will get the PS3 is to put offers out for cash. Just trying to get an understanding for the best way to do things around here. Thanks.


20-03-2007 10:03:06

No you will be able to go green for green, it just takes some time finding people who want to do it. You can pay people but I know myself that I would not take a cash offer from a newbie with 0TR.

I would either take my time getting green for green trades or just start doing some offers for people until you get your TR up a little. To at least 4 but more like 10.


20-03-2007 13:45:48

yeah i did probably 90% of my TR as trades


20-03-2007 17:49:13

Many people trade site for site (green for green). You should not trade with other people with a TR below 4 yet, but you should be able to find some others who will.

What site are you needing to get done?? I might be able to trade if I have not already done it. PM me.



21-03-2007 14:46:03

I know my TR is low so it wouldn't help either of us to trade, but I'd be willing to do green for green depending on the site.