Trading Mod questions

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20-03-2007 09:03:51

I just started so bear with me.

1. I have a few trades set up, but everytime I click to add my paypal information, it says the update failed. Why is this? I have confirmed the trade but can't enter any paypal info.

2. I asked someone else the above question and they said I had to be at the same computer to access the trades. Now, I know I need to be at the same computer when doing the free offers, but does that apply for this site as well. Currently I am access this site from work but will be following up and completing trades when I get home tonight, is that a problem?

Thanks to anyone that can help!!!


20-03-2007 09:06:52

try disabling any pop-ups blckers, antispyware or stuff...



20-03-2007 09:09:07

If you're using IE7, turn your security level down a notch. This has been reported by many IE7 users and discussed here on the forums.


20-03-2007 09:13:21

It was a security issue. Thanks for your help.