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[u5649d625bc][b5649d625bc]What are Freebie Sites[/b5649d625bc][/size5649d625bc][/color5649d625bc][/u5649d625bc]
Freebie sites are [b5649d625bc]incentive-based marketing research groups[/b5649d625bc]. This means that a website which offers an incentive for you to try and buy new products as a method of marketing research. Companies spend [b5649d625bc]thousands[/b5649d625bc][/color5649d625bc][/size5649d625bc] each year promoting their products on television, radio, and the internet to generate leads, while most people will go to the bathroom during a commercial or change the station, this has been found to be semi-effective. Which is why these freebie sites are an even better lead for a company because you actually try and buy their product! What else will make you drop $6.95 on the spot for an item you don't know if you like besides a new iPod or a laptop.

[u5649d625bc][b5649d625bc]So who pays the websites? The companies?[/color5649d625bc][/size5649d625bc][/b5649d625bc][/u5649d625bc]

[b5649d625bc]No.[/b5649d625bc] The creditors are [b5649d625bc][u5649d625bc]NOT[/u5649d625bc][/b5649d625bc] the actual companies you are doing an offer for but marketing and commission companies that actually take care of the crediting and the payouts to freebie site owners. Companies like Commission Junction and Search Cactus will make a business partnership with another company, like Blockbuster. Blockbuster will payout this company, lets say Search Cactus, an amount per lead or trial purchased. Search Cactus then will allow a freebie site owner to open an account and select offers for their site. Upon your offer completion, a cookie is transferred to Search Cactus which will trigger the offer completion on the freebie site. On a designated date, Search Cactus will send a big check to the freebie site owner, who in return will use the money to purchase the incentives for the person who completes their site and it's full requirements.

[u5649d625bc][b5649d625bc]So how does anybody make money off of this?[/b5649d625bc][/size5649d625bc][/color5649d625bc][/u5649d625bc]

Well, a freebie site owner's revenue and profit come from unfinished requirements. They hope for somebody to only get 5 out of 6 referrals, this allows the profits of those 5 referrals without having to send out a gift. A lot of times, freebie site owners will enforce very strict rules in order to make sure that not just any old guy (or gal) can go forth and rape their check! Offer cancellations, multiple signups, and even spamming reports can cause a user to go [b5649d625bc]RED[/b5649d625bc] [/color5649d625bc]on a site. It's a fact of life!

[u5649d625bc][b5649d625bc]I got charged $XX.XX for an offer![/b5649d625bc][/size5649d625bc][/color5649d625bc][/u5649d625bc]

Good! You should only complete offers that you wouldn't mind purchasing in full. Most of these companies have very hidden Terms of Service and fine print so that they can make outrageous charges for their services, lets be honest, cancelling offers hurts everyone in the long run. It can deny you or your referral credit, put your account on hold, stop a check from the creditor, or a check TO the creditor. Be smart with what offers you complete and be ready for consequences! Most of all, be honest!
[i5649d625bc](This is based off my research and established understanding of how freebie sites work, let me know if you have any questions you would like placed in here or if I made any errors. Thanks!)[/color5649d625bc][/i5649d625bc][/b5649d625bc]


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[quote3e12ac9824="sandra habina"]Thankyou for the information. Love collecting all these points of interest.[/quote3e12ac9824]

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