Same offers on free sites?

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19-03-2007 19:54:26

Hello everyone,

I still new at this, but I do have a question that you guys can help me with. I know that I can only sign up at a particular site once and that I can't do the same offer twice. So, I noticed that on the sites I have signed up for, they all pretty much have the same offers. How do you guys with a high TR find new offers since I know there are hundreds of free sites out there.


19-03-2007 19:58:54

We pay people to do site. Sometimes new offers are added. Some people get TR by getting refs for friends.


19-03-2007 22:21:20

There are lots of unique offers on our site and we always keep adding more.

WhyPayItsFree also allows users to get an extra referral instead of doing an offer (Must signup unreferred).