Having problems credited...

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19-03-2007 18:43:50

I find that I have such a hard time credited at sites that have formats like zeropricetags.com and similar sites...

It sucks because I do offers and they do not credit..I lose money and make other members mad..

I do clear my cookies and I do use Internet Explorer. I submit credit requests with full headers but I just hate waiting..especially when it says "Instant"..

Gosh...I hate it..

sandra habina

21-03-2007 08:27:28

I hear ya. I hate waiting too. And waiting for all my refs to credit.


21-03-2007 08:31:04

yep thats just one of the drawbacks to doing this.


22-03-2007 04:22:30

It is amazing just how NOT alone you are! Many sites aren't crediting like they should; even following all the guidelines to a "T."

The only sites I don't have a problem with now are the free4me sites, and I probably just jinxed myself...LOL

There is another post simular to yours below, take a peek at it.



22-03-2007 05:21:33

I know what you mean, but if we are to believe what we read, then it's not the freebie sites that are to blame, since they want their $$ as badly as YOU want your credit. Maybe it's these marketing companies that get $$ from your offer sign up, but don't want to pay out to the freebie site. Conspiracy theory, anyone?