How to make my first $500

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19-03-2007 14:19:02

Iam new to this and I want to learn it I have alot of time to put into this



19-03-2007 16:32:26

Welcome to FiPG Forum. The first thing you will want to do is to click the big red box at the top of the page and read the Rules & Guidelines. There is also a good tutorial on the Trade Module page.

After that, I'd recommend taking a day or two and reading posts, etc. Check out the Trading Post to get an idea what people are offering.

When you feel ready, I recommend doing 3-4 sites for $$. Then use those sites and trade site for site for about 8-10 more. By that time, you will have a higher TR and should have finished at least one of your original sites (unless you are going for a big ref prize). At that point, you can start offering to pay for greens, with a little site for site trading mixed in.

Feel free to PM me if you have questions or want advice, whether we trade or not. I'm always glad to help.