looking for some help

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19-03-2007 10:25:51

im looking to make money to build up my paypal account if anyone could let me know where and how can i do this i made my first 15 and would like to make more i need referrals on a few sites ive signed up on if anyone can help me i would apprciate it........pm me thanks rebecca


19-03-2007 10:28:31

By the looks of it, you have one trade completed. I would work on doing a few more cash trades. Go to the Trading Forum and trade with some high TR people (that way being scammed is very low chance) and get more TR under your belt and you'll have more cash. Then I recommend you just start doing green for green for your referrals on the site you're working on.

sandra habina

21-03-2007 08:30:54

Yes build up your TR status.
I can help you. PM me dear, I have many sites.