Completely new and needs help, website recommendation....

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18-03-2007 20:34:40

I'm new to the free world and I need some help.
Basically I want to be able to get free stuff while refering the least people possible.
I need some website recommendations that do not require something like 15 referrals..
Now all I want is the following-
1. Money 2.Computers-Laptops, desktops, macs 3. Ipods.

sandra habina

19-03-2007 01:10:07

Trainn sites are very reputable and Free4me as I have been told. I have a brand new site that is easy and cheap to green on and has great prizes. PM me if I can help you in anyway. I will answer questions for you.


19-03-2007 03:41:40

Welcome, WOX! Sandra_habina is great - she can probably get you started on some good sites with not too many requirements. Shoot her a message and see what she has - she helps out a lot of newbies. )


19-03-2007 04:43:24

Feel free to PM me if you have questions or want advice. My first suggestion is to spend several days "hanging out", reading posts, getting the feel for how it goes. I'll assume you have already read the rules & stuff (click the big red box).

My recommended plan (this is just my opinion, but I have seen it work for a number of people) is this

Do your first 3-4 sites for $$. Take those sites and trade site for site for another 8-10 sites. That should finish off at least one of the original sites, and gets you enough TR that you should be able to find people who will green for $$ for you. From there it is a combination of paying people and trading site for site, to whatever level you choose.

But anyway, like I said, feel free to PM me if you have questions. I'm always glad to help.



19-03-2007 07:57:28

I good way to start is to get paid for greens, as mentioned above. this could get your TR around 5.
some sites that i would suggest are
trainn sites
free4every1 nocc sites
yourgiftsfree nocc site

as someone with low TR I would only do sites for money for people with 20+ TR to start with. DO NOT trade with someone with less than 4 TR and do not go first if u have higher TR just to be nice.
I have always thought that free4me sites had $$ offers but maybe not.

If you want to start I am looking for nocreditcard.yourgiftsfree, my last green! paying $5 after approval, but u would be the last.
Feel free to PM me with questions

oh, lastly, i would wander the trading post and see what referrals are going for. it would be smart to get paid that value and pick a higher valued site that u can do one offer for - like a trainn site


19-03-2007 08:45:09


We also have CC sites. We pay $50 per referral. Most sites pay 40, we also pay out instantly! Check out http//

Feel free to ask me questions!


01-04-2007 13:34:00

Thanks everyone, but if I'm not mistaken, you guys are all talking about standard freebie sites-one offer, a few refs. I'm not that interested in those-I think DIY sites pay better. I need some site recommendations on DIY sites, not normal sites. I would also do some normal sites for $$$ later and start trading, but I'll start with DIY sites. Thank you! (Feel free to pm me with DIY site recommendations and tips, but nothing else.. wink )