Freebie Site Marketing Guide

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18-03-2007 19:17:42

Has anyone tried this product/offer? Just wondering if it actually will produce any results? $67 bucks, I don't wanna spend it and then find out its just a BS thing that says post your link on ebay.


19-03-2007 03:44:41

Wow - no, haven't heard of it. I'd be interested in info, though - hopefully somebody knows about it. )


19-03-2007 03:59:14

I can provide you with many different free site scripts, contact me via pm, most are with detailed instructions on how to run the program etc.


19-03-2007 04:46:43

I've seen the guide lately on the offers pages, but I'm not ready to put out the $$ for it - seems unlikely that it would be that much help. Probably tells you to sign up on FiPG (with all their great people)........



04-04-2007 23:02:52

The guy who wrote the Freebie Site Marketing Guide is on A4F and he is trading the guide for a green on one of his sites. I'm waiting for credit, but it sure beats paying $67 for it! )


05-04-2007 04:45:45

Ok. Let us know if it's worth it once you get it.