Experiences with donating?

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17-03-2007 17:11:11

Hi, I'm considering donating to this or another site, and I'm curious what experiences other people have had. Is it worth it? I noticed that freeipodsandflatscreens.com stopped offering guaranteed referrals a while back...


17-03-2007 19:16:42

i donated to get a title change b/c i felt that this site has given me a lot of free $$$. not sure about doing it for other causes.


17-03-2007 19:44:02

I donated because this forum really helped me with getting greens and cash. W/O it I wouldn't have been able to make anything. I didn't really get any green for donating on the main page but this site helped me enough that it didn't matter to me. Although from now on I will be donating to get a title change.

And I will donate again.


17-03-2007 20:11:38

hmm i just donated but its still pending... (


18-03-2007 07:14:49

how long will it be. I donated over a week ago and just wanted to be reconized as a donator but still wating. (Fred)


18-03-2007 08:08:28

That is weird. I donated and it took about 5 min to get my donator link.

Did you get your email from amazon and go to the site and fill in the transaction ID?


18-03-2007 09:19:03

Yea i actually got it right away and i like it 8)


18-03-2007 16:49:18

I did go through Amazon and made my $5.00 donation and went back later and tried to add a title but when it asked for the tran. # I didnt have one. maybe I need to do it again. They did charge me.


18-03-2007 16:53:29

hmm anther thing my order has been in processing since yesterday