Not sure what to do

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17-03-2007 16:25:36

I did a referral for someone almost a month ago and he hasn't paid me nor answered any of my pm's. I am new here and I've read about people not paying until they are approved(?), but shouldn't they at least keep in touch so you know they are not trying to scam you? Anyway I'm not sure what to do now.


17-03-2007 16:50:16

Has he read your PMs (outbox or sentbox)??? He should be staying in touch. But if he has not read your PMs it is possible that he is not here anymore. Was he a newbie or someone who's been around a while??

Hopefully your trade was in the trade module. Did it say paying on approval??

You should also PM a moderator with the details.



17-03-2007 19:45:28

Laurel is correct. Get all your info together and PM a mod.

Maybe if you have the email address of this person try to email them.