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17-03-2007 00:08:53

What happens, or what can you do when any of the offers you try to respond to you've already done? You can't sign up more than once for any given sponser right? So wouldn't that eventually lead me to a dead end? What would I do? Is there a back door in some how?


17-03-2007 00:43:14

Once you do an offer, you cannot complete the same one over again. or its fraud. Offers change during times, so new offers will pop out every once in a while, then when you do all of them, yup ur in a dead end, youll just have to pay people to be ur refs.


17-03-2007 06:23:01

Many sites will allow you to sign up unreferred and get an extra referral instead of completing an offer. Some of the site owners also offer a promo on their new sites where you do not have to do an offer. So it is possible when you can not find offers you are interested in to keep going.



17-03-2007 10:09:28

I asked this same question when I started and the answer I got was..."that's when you start paying people to be your ref".