How to make a freebie site?

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16-03-2007 20:09:20

How do i start a Freebie site?
How do i get the javascript code?
How do i get companies to sponsor me?

Also is anyone selling their site?


16-03-2007 20:13:27

Have you tried any of it out from the user point of view yet?? I see you only joined here today (but maybe you've done them elsewhere). It is really good to experience it as a user first - gives you a better perspective on what's important.

But other than that????? There are no doubt smarter people than me who can help you get started if you think you're ready. I would suggest any of the site owners (YourGiftsFree, CustomOrderThis, 2DollarDeal, OrderGiftsFree, WhyPayItsFree, just to name a few). You can look them up under the user link.



16-03-2007 20:16:00

yah i've talked to him on a4f he's done a good number of trades/hope you find what your looking for


16-03-2007 20:20:31

i would like to know as well


17-03-2007 10:16:25

Someday I'll want to open my own site but for now I'm having too much fun doing all the other sites = )


17-03-2007 13:16:04

We have to many sites open if you ask me...

But the best script is FSR just make it look original