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16-03-2007 15:22:50

I am approved to get money at 100.free4me and primodinero. The 100.free4me says shipping soon.... how long does that generally take and the primo I passed approval now in verification... isn't that approval!


16-03-2007 15:34:57

Free4me pays every monday, so you should be getting pay next monday. I'm not sure about the primodinero sites, I haven't done them yet.


16-03-2007 16:41:46

sweet! I like every Monday!! Well thanks for the response!


16-03-2007 16:47:38

I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure if you cashed out in Feb. on primodinero you'll get paid in a few days, if in March, around the 20th of April. That's what I think, going by the NET 15/20 payouts.


16-03-2007 20:53:14

" pay on Net 20 day terms. Which means all orders placed one month will be paid by 20th day of the next month. " i copied pasted this from the primodinero site. I just finished this site and says approval takes up to 14 business days (being verified) . this is when they approve your refs . your order was approved b/c you had all the refs done now those refs have to be verified. hope this helps.