What do they look for when approving someone?

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15-03-2007 22:33:09

I did a search so sorry if this has already been discussed.

But what do companies like Primo or 123freestuff look for when they are going to approve you?



15-03-2007 22:34:27

IP addresses for accounts, where accounts were logged in from, passwords, addresses if they seem suspicious.


15-03-2007 22:35:26

Freebie sites look to see that you don't have multiple accounts, and they also check to see that you haven't done offers multiple times, then they check your refs to find out the same information. If nothing is wrong, then you get approved, and become a happy person D


15-03-2007 22:43:43

If all of your refs did they same offer they will probaby call it a walk-through. So they look for that too.

There really is a lot of stuff that they look for. But if you arn't commiting fraud you dont' really have to worry about it.