I need some Help making a banner/logo

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15-03-2007 16:14:11

I need a new banner for a signature on this forum. I also need some logos for future web layout redesigns. If anyone has even a little bit of experience in photoshop or paint, and would be willing to help, please post here. You will be rewarded with +karma! (And cash)

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15-03-2007 18:05:09

I'm a head designer for 5 different .comsurl==http://=http:///url etc, they can be provided to you via pm, i specialize in vector art, and mirroring i can pretty much do anything, so contact me if your interested.

Hope to talk to you soon.


16-03-2007 05:46:44

Green Ipods Theme

http//www.imagemule.com/uploads/samplekt7q37s.png[" alt=""/img48bd06556d]

Wii Transparency

[img="48bd06556d]http//www.imagemule.com/uploads/wiibetawk5iftj.png[" alt=""/img48bd06556d]

Wii Transparency Button Effect

[img="48bd06556d]http//www.imagemule.com/uploads/wiibetaky1ml6H.png[" alt=""/img48bd06556d]

Ps3 Transparency Effect

[img="48bd06556d]http//www.imagemule.com/uploads/ps3betar0Ty.png[" alt=""/img48bd06556d]

There ya go.