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15-03-2007 10:44:55

Ok i signed up for this site as a referal for someone on February 27. He said he'd pay on approval and i was fine with that. I went green on march 1. However recently there was a problem with the site and it was closed for a bit.

Now the site is back up but i cant log in. It doesnt recognize me as a user. I already went green 2 weeks ago and he knows this but now im not even showing up as having signed up for the site!

So i decided to re-register and complain and now after i sign up i get this message

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What should i do?


15-03-2007 12:06:29

It says that to everyone that tries to sign in, I'm sure they're still having problems. You might go to the CustomOrderThis Thread and check status of the site.



15-03-2007 18:01:06

they lost info from the 20th on. they are working on getting it fixed


15-03-2007 20:13:32

You sure his not trying to pull something on you guys like he did with me x


16-03-2007 00:44:54

Apparently the gaming.customorderthis site is doing this to everybody. I greened for somebody early this month and today found out that I no longer show as registered under him; I tried to log in to my account and it says I'm not recognized. ARRG!
Hopefully they'll get it figured out, as I don't intend to re-do offers. )