Offers and Reffs

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15-03-2007 07:44:19

ok so 2 ?s

For offers, can you do offers more than once on the same site,
ex. ( u complete this then do the offer again) or do you
have to find another site with the same offer?

2nd ?

When you reff someone you're just completing reff requirement for them,
but the ? is when u sign up for the offer how many times can you sign up
for the free trials or requirements then cancel then sign up again??

ex.( lets say ur reffing 2 people, one for a camera and the other a pc.
then u get to the sign ups for free trials or other stuff, and there both
the same, so its like say u sign up for a 14 day trial with blockbuster
for the camera, then u cancel the 14 day trial, but then with the pc offer
it has the blockbuster 14 day trial also....

so can you sign up for the blockbuster again then cancel?
or are u limited to having to sign up for diff things every time.

I'm just asking because i see some sites that offer the same choices.


15-03-2007 08:05:16

This should be in the Help section. And I'm a little confused it seems liek you are asking the same question twice.

But you can only complete 1 offer 1 time. In your example you can only do blockbuster 1 time. Nomatter where you do it from, you can only do it one time. Even if you join from somewhere not on a freebie site you can only do the offer 1 time.

And you can only do each site one time. You can do multiple sites on a network, but you can only do each site on the network one time (unless the network allows multiple times, but most don't).

You can do yournintendowii4free a trainn site, and flashipods4free also a trainn site. But you cannot do yournintendowii4free two times.