What to do if party won't pay

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15-03-2007 07:31:08

it's been 3 weeks since i went green and hello57 won't respond to my questions.

am i suppose to wait a certain amount of time?

thank you for your help.


15-03-2007 07:40:15

PM a mod. At the top of most sub-forums you can find a link called "moderators" Click there to find a list.


16-03-2007 13:53:00

Was your payment specified as "on green" or "on approval"?? If it was on approval, be aware that approval can take weeks, sometimes even months.

You should be sure that one or the other is specified on the Trade Module before you agree to it.



16-03-2007 15:10:30

That person hasn't been here since Saturday, March 3.

Try email=ing email=helloworld57@gmail.comhelloworld57@gmail.coming email=helloworld57@gmail.comhelloworld57@gmail.com/email.


17-03-2007 14:28:05

I went green for hello57, and another girl too- I learned my lesson from him.. he was my second trade ever. Try to do trades with people who will actually communicate with you and has a high TR if possible. He hasn't responded to any of my e-mails either.. so I just considered it a loss.

On that same token, I signed up for apple.v-bux for him, went green and completed my referrals.. and now they've put my account on hold because someone signed up on the same ip address as me.. I don't know what to make of it, because I know I haven't signed up for the same site twice-- and they're saying it's got two different shipping addresses. I don't know what to say about that.. except I'm VERY upset that I may not be getting my prize, considering I have been doing everything legitimately... lisighli