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15-03-2007 06:49:06

I'm extremely frustrated. I have been trying to pay for my referrals for over a month now. I still haven't completed my 2 easy 3 ref sites let alone anything else. I'm getting no responses. I pm ppl, no response, i bump my trade thread, no response. What the heck am i doing wrong. I don't think its the price. I'm offering $20. Any help would be greatly appreciated. How do you guys do it?????????


15-03-2007 07:42:33

Is it on approval or for a green? I know that I have a pretty high TR and if I pay people on approval I have a hell of a hard time getting refs. Not to put yourself too far out there I usually offer like half on green and half on approval. That way if you get scammed it's not for as much.

What site is it? A lot of times it's harder to find people to do trainn sites because most people have done them.


15-03-2007 07:47:19

the market here is flooded...I would suggest trading instead of paying. either that or go else where with your cash and try picking up greens.


15-03-2007 12:44:26

Where are some other trading sites? Anyone know?

.......not that this one isn't great D


15-03-2007 12:53:49

i'm trying to get zeropricetags and coke.ordergiftsfree done so that i might actually be able to pay on green. (broke college student, hence the reason i'm doing this) Can't do trade for trade either casue i just got screwed with a bunch of charges and no longer have a cc. So i guess i'm just screwed.


15-03-2007 13:15:44

Have some faith. What I would do is offer $25 for instants, if it isnt green with 24 hours, price reverts to $20. That way, it looks like you are offering a higher price. If it takes more then 24 hours, you get to pay you original price, if they green within 24 hours, you get a quick green. Can't go wrong with that!

Other tips

In your trading topic, don't just say 'looking for x site paying x money pm me'. Include more informations, maybe a prize list for said site, an offer list(this is very important). Also, maybe a color coded list of how many greens you have, how many yellows, and who is green/yellow. Presentation counts for alot, if it comes between two traders and one is using bland straight black font with incorrect grammar and no info compared to what I just listed, most would go with the second option.

Actively persue new traders - always keep an eye out for new member posts in the trading post. When you PM them, sound professional with what you are offering, tell them you can help them through their first trade, etc. Once again, if it comes between someone saying 'yo im payin 20 for zeropricetags pm me' someone who says something along the lines of 'Hey, welcome to the forums! I would love to help you out on your first trade, if only you would give me that chance. I'm paying for referrals on X site for X amount of money. I will help you out as much as I can to make this a good experience for both of us! etc etc', guess who will get the ref?

Experiment with new sites. Everyone has done the established networks, such as TRAINN, Free4Me, etc, so it will be hard to find referrals there. Instead, offer decent amounts of money for newer sites. Also, I would persue sites with big ref rates, such as v-bux or primo dinero. Even if they have to do double the offer requirements of a normal site, it still sounds better to offer $40-$45 then $20-$25.

If you are working on multiple sites, you could also offer maybe a $5 bonus if a ref completes both.

Anyways, just a few tips that have worked for me. Good luck!