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14-03-2007 17:21:17

To Trainn
I am currently on a college campus completing Trainn sites and I needed to know if it is legit to have a friend from the same dorm as you complete your site? We each have our own unique ip address but because we are in the same dorm, I do not know if that is allowed and would be viewed as fraud. Thanks, let me know!

Trainn's Response
Due to the nature of this offer, we must enforce a one account per location limit. However, as long as you are participating from college dorms instead of public use areas such as computer labs, we will be able to differentiate the accounts and you will not experience any problems as a result of referring other school classmates.

I guess I wasn't completely clear on their answer but has anyone else ever been on a college campus (within a dorm) and has had a friend from that same dorm (not same room) do a site for them?


14-03-2007 17:55:03

I have in the past, and it worked out. It was way back then... and it was with freepay. I would recommend keeping in contact with Trainn every step of the way.


14-03-2007 18:20:21

I've done it too, no problems. The odds that someone else in your dorm is doing freesites are slim. Although I got really nervous when I saw someone walking around with a I <3 iPods shirt from Freepay.


14-03-2007 19:49:43

My roommate did an offer for me and I had no problems. And I got the exact same word for word response what I asked that question.

edit and a friend in the same dorm too w/o any problems.