BEST sites for getting ps3 or xbox360 or computers???

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14-03-2007 09:09:34

What are BEST sites with No-Credit Card offers for

computer(laptop and desktop),

and what are best sites for getting ps3, computer(laptop and desktop), xbox360. regardless of rather they have Credit Card offers or not.

i would like a site that requires lest offer completion for who i refer.



14-03-2007 09:16:39

You can get a PS3 or xbox 360 at, a laptop at and custom order any computer at any of our sites, too. We do not currently have a no credit card site, though.


14-03-2007 09:24:07

I would recommend GiftMonkey they have all those prizes and they approved their orders within 1-2 Business days i go for paypal tho but check it out.


14-03-2007 16:01:54

Also, I guess you could check out Trainn's yourps34free. It takes a little longer but they're one of the best sites out there and are really reliable.


14-03-2007 16:28:32

The Free4every1 network has decent referral rates and has non-cc offers.